When two podcasts meet! We try and find out Madonna's most underrated song.

Deep Dive: American Life

One of Madonna's most experimental recordings and the title track to her ninth studio album, the song is memorable for its rap which was largely unlik...View Details

The second part of my discussion where we talk Leonard, Bray, Shep, Orbit, and who we'd play in Madonna's upcoming biopic.

To celebrate six months of the podcast and 100,000 downloads, here is the first part of a discussion on the various songs Madonna has written and reco...View Details

Deep Dive: Holiday

Madonna's first, big, international release and the opening track on Immaculate Collection - this song may sound very 1983, but it still cuts it when ...View Details

A dive into the most famous of all Madonna's remixes - and a listen to the changes made for the single remix, too. We try to examine why Madonna would...View Details

One of Madonna's first songs. Hear how it was written, how it was recorded, what the people behind the song think of it and we also go there... down t...View Details

Deep Dive: Masterpiece

This stunning song won Madonna a Golden Globe for its use in the movie WE and would also be an emotional highlight of the MDNA album. This episode dis...View Details

Deep Dive: Crave

Madonna's most recent album, Madame X has also been her most ambitious and diverse. This episode looks at one of the more radio-friendly tracks along ...View Details

A teaser for the patron-only episode about the live versions of Vogue including rare rehearsal audio and examples of the many iterations of the song.

Deep Dive: Get Together

The third single from Madonna's Confessions On A Dancefloor album is a fan favourite. Originally recorded in Sweden, it was reconstructed by Stuart Pr...View Details

Madonna has sold 300 million records worldwide in a career fast approaching 40 years, but people only talk about the scandals and never the music. Her...View Details

Deep Dive: Like A Virgin

When Madonna performed this song - for the very first time - at the MTV VMAs in 1984, her manager told her that her career was over. He was wrong. It'...View Details

Deep Dive: Bedtime Story

Penned by Bjork and British producers Nellee Hooper and Marius De Vries, this song would be the turning point for Madonna as she moved from commercial...View Details

Deep Dive: Dear Jessie

A brief discussion on this 1989 song through the use of demo recordings, interviews with the collaborators and a rare live recording from the 90s.

The 20th movie in the James Bond franchise was released on 007's 40th movie anniversary and who better to write the theme tune than Madonna? Die Anoth...View Details

Bonus Beats: Sorry

A demo of this 2005 song has leaked with quite different verses, so here's a chance to hear it and find out a little more about how it ended up on the...View Details

The ultimate 1980s dance tracks and one of the finest musical compositions and productions of all time. Yet 'Into The Groove' couldn't be simpler and ...View Details

Deep Dive: Erotica

The song that flagposted Madonna's most controversial era, released in conjunction with her fifth studio album of the same name and her collection of ...View Details

Interview: Tony Shimkin

Tony was the composer of so many tracks on Erotica which he discusses in great detail along with his experiences on the songs Vogue, This Used To Be M...View Details

This stunning house pop track launched the Rebel Heart era, but this time with a controversy not of Madonna's making as it was rushed out early follow...View Details

Has Lady Gaga ripped of Madonna? That's what some fans are saying... so I'm hot off the line to NYC where I spoke to Tony Shimkin, the man who recorde...View Details

Deep Dive: Hung Up

What happens when you combine Madonna with Stuart Price and ABBA? You get one of the most fantastic pop songs of all time and as her highest-selling d...View Details

Interview: Lucy O’Brien

Lucy is author of the definitive biography of Madonna, Like An Icon, which charts the singers career and includes interviews with many of the key play...View Details

The song that closed one era of Madonna's career and began another and it still sounds fresh almost 30 years later. Shrouded in controversy, not least...View Details

Deep Dive: Live To Tell

The first single from True Blue was also the main song from husband Sean Penn's movie 'At Close Range'. The story behind the writing and recording wit...View Details

Deep Dive: Give It 2 Me

Second single from the album Hard Candy, Madonna's co-write and co-sing with Pharrell Williams, has stood the test of time as we deep dive into this 2...View Details

Interview: Darren Hayes

In this special episode, I chat with Madonna fan, musician, and singer Darren Hayes, about his love of the icon and the story behind his astonishing c...View Details

Deep Dive: Ray of Light

Second single and title track of Madonna's Grammy award-winning album, Ray of Light also features a stunning vocal performance from the singer. Its or...View Details

Deep Dive: Borderline

Borderline was key in launching Madonna's career and this is the story of, not only the artist's signing to Sire records, but the recording with produ...View Details

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