In this episode, we discover the history of the musical from concept album to stage show and on to film. You'll find out how Madonna first became invo...View Details

No new Groove episode right now, but don't go without - have an episode from the sister podcast - all about this huge 90s hit from Sweden.

The lead single from the soundtrack to the second Austin Powers movie - The Spy Who Shagged me. A popular radio hit and a number one in 4 territories....View Details

Deep Dive - Hollywood

The second single from the American Life album is a much-loved track by fans and especially for its video and MTV performance. However, it failed to c...View Details

Deep Dive - Everybody

Madonna’s very first single was the template for all that was to come. With a two-song deal, she recorded it in Chelsea, Manhattan. 39 years later, sh...View Details

Deep Dive - Secret

The first single frrom Madonna's sixth album and a big change in direction for the artist with a laid back launch to the new era. Here's the story of ...View Details

With multiple Top 40 UK singles including two Top Ten hits, Kavana spent the 1990s working the music business and was also a huge, huge Madonna fan. R...View Details

You may be aware of Georgina aka The Honest Vocal Coach who runs a very popular YouTube channel designed to analyse the vocal styles - good and bad - ...View Details

An interview with Ian Watkins - aka H from the UK band Steps - he's a big Madonna fan and we talk about how she's touched his life over the years.

One of Madonna's most loved songs, from its origin on a cassette played to Madonna in Chicago, through to being a high;ight of the Erotica album. This...View Details

Starting with Donna's stories of recording the Erotica album in New York, 1992, through to the Girlie Show and beyond - right up until the Madame X er...View Details

An exclusive interview with Madonna's background singer and dancer, Donna Delory. This part explores the era from the Who's That Girl tour to Blond Am...View Details

There's no new Madonna episode this week. In its absence, here's an episode from our other podcast, Inside The Hits.

There's no new Madonna episode this week. In its absence, here's an episode from our other podcast, Inside The Hits.

Since her career began, Madonna has contributed her distinctive vocals to other people's songs and even given away some of her unreleased gems, earnin...View Details

Love it or hate it - 'Bitch I'm Madonna' was the third single from Madonna's 'Rebel Heart' album in 2015. Hear how it was developed, along with the or...View Details

Released as a single in 1990 and performed as the closing song for Madonna's Blond Ambition tour, it's the single-that-never-was for many territories ...View Details

Deep Dive - Cherish

The third single from Madonna's Like A Prayer album had its origins in Madonna's Broadway dressing room. But it was the second song she'd written with...View Details

The story of how Madonna recorded a cover of an album track by Swedish band ABBA but never release it. Hear the various demos and other tracks that we...View Details

(The full version of this episode is available to patrons only). Released as a single in 1990 and performed as the closing song for Madonna's Blond Am...View Details

Promo: Series 2

Get a sneak peak of some of the songs and subject to be covered in 2021.

Singer Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light talks through his Madonna memories and also discusses working with Madonna's backup singers, Donna Del...View Details

Excuse the sentimentality - here's an interview with my husband, about his favourite Madonna songs... and also a chance for me to answer the Something...View Details

Justin has written for GQ, Guardian, Empire - many publications - about Madonna and the first of his two novels, 'The Last Romeo', has quite an imagin...View Details

Matt Cain, author of The Madonna of Bolton discusses the Madonna songs that have soundtracked his life.

Deep Dive - Celebration

Madonna's 2009 track recorded with Paul Oakenfold is a great song which references some ideas from her previous hits and was the lead from her greates...View Details

Madonna's classic track lifts inspiration and samples from other songs. Here's a refresher, but we've also identified a key loop that's used throughou...View Details

When two podcasts meet! We try and find out Madonna's most underrated song.

Deep Dive: American Life

One of Madonna's most experimental recordings and the title track to her ninth studio album, the song is memorable for its rap which was largely unlik...View Details

The second part of my discussion where we talk Leonard, Bray, Shep, Orbit, and who we'd play in Madonna's upcoming biopic.

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